Replacing Hardware Blocks with Software/GPU Business Need:

  • BOM cost reduction to cater to emerging markets
  • Replace the dedicated hardware boards for image processing with software subsystem

Background / Context:

  • QuESTu2019s expertise in GPU programming
  • Long term association with the client in the development of equipment software for medical devices

QuEST contribution:

  • Around 350 man months of support for requirement analysis, design, development, QA & sustenance
  • Realigned the software architecture to accommodate multiple features which were handled by hardware boards/cards earlier
  • Involvement of GPU experts to implement complex and high speed image processing scenarios like image reconstruction, noise filtering, etc,.
  • Continuing support to enhance the software subsystem features

Benefits to the client:

  • Reduced BOM cost by 60 % for emerging markets
  • Single vendor for software, hardware, mechanical & manufacturing needs

Current status: Multiple products in the market with GPU enabled software subsystem

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