Customer Challenge

The challenge was to design a multi-stack bicycle stowage system for customer which could be used across multiple train platforms – as well as on future projects.


This was the first time customer in UK went for a full-fledged multi-stack bicycle stowage system on a train project.


As part of this project, it was determined the total combustible mass of plastics in the design, such as in the straps and buckles, must not exceed 100g. This was to ensure that the design meet fire and safety standards.


  • To design a bicycle stowage arrangement as a solution that can be used across all future trains
  • Concept design and review through to PDR/DDR, working with the structures, methods and industrial design teams
  • Release all necessary drawings in VPM/PDM


  • Investigate the supplied concept by industrial design description team
  • Provide a feasibility study of the given concept
  • Create alternate concept designs
  • Validate new concept proposals with CFT, IDD, methods and fire & safety teams
  • Review manufacturability and assembly sequences


  • We generated alternate concept ideas in line with car body, windows, dados and lower interfaces
  • The we presented design ideas in CFTs and selected appropriate concept for implementation
  • Our design complied to requirements to have two levels of restraining system to multi stack bikes
  • ]Multiple trials were taken in physical bike stowage areas to arrive at optimum bicycle stacking distance


  • Our collaborative design is compatible with multiple customer train projects and can be used as a platform solution across all future train projects
  • The design complies with human factors and Safety norms
  • The total combustible mass of plastics in design (strap, buckle) was maintained well within 100g
  • We were able to review mock-ups of the area as provided by our client to ensure the solution was fit for purpose
  • We released 3D design and drawings for all levels in the production to keep everyone apprised of the project aims and ambitions