Bangalore, October 15, 2008 – QuEST Global, a leading provider of outsourced engineering services and manufacturing, announced today that it has received the prestigious Competitive Strategy Leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan. The award recognizes India-based Global Commercial Aviation Suppliers in this space.

The Frost & Sullivan Award for Competitive Strategy Leadership is presented to the company whose competitive strategy has led to significant gains in market share during the research period. QuEST Global has optimally used the opportunities available in the industry by coming up with innovative moves like setting up of a SEZ catering to the Aerospace Industry. This reinforces QuEST’s presence in the aviation/aerospace supply chain market.

QuEST Global’s foray into manufacturing of sub-assemblies for aerospace Tier 1 suppliers and OEM’s has moved a step ahead with the development of its Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Belgaum (Karnataka, India) which is strategically located between Bangalore and Mumbai, and close to Goa.

The QuEST Global SEZ offers a cluster of adjacent Aerospace capabilities in a convenient location with good road and rail links and easy access to a deep water port and an airhead. Thus, along with engineering services and manufacturing, QuEST Global now has a precision engineering SEZ, of which are very few in the country. This enables complete offerings of design to build services, right from the concept to the finished product that can be used to build an aircraft. This is a unique offering from QuEST Global that is set to gain widespread appeal in the aerospace industry, as companies consolidate their supply chain and look for more value-add from their suppliers. This move demonstrates QuEST Global’s thought leadership, which sets it apart from its competitors as it capitalizes on the opportunities in the growing aerospace sector.

The SEZ will have a direct impact on the supply chain of the Indian aerospace industry. Currently, the industry is completely segmented. This SEZ is aimed at creating a complete supply chain for the Indian aerospace industry as well as for the global market. This SEZ will act as a platform for Foreign Direct Investment companies to enter into India.

“The precision engineering SEZ being promoted by QuEST Global will provide best-in-class facilities and infrastructure for the global aerospace industry. The SEZ, set to be operational by year end, is spread over 300 acres and will provide an ecosystem for OEMs, their suppliers, all ancillary and related end user industries to set up precision manufacturing and engineering units. The strategic advantage of having players across the value chain in aerospace manufacturing in the SEZ, would be the amount of time saved for logistics, which is highly time consuming in the case of aerospace systems and assemblies. Since each unit in the SEZ would be a specialist in their own segment, this presents a win-win situation.” notes Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst John Siddharth.

“This prestigious award is a recognition and an endorsement of our efforts in providing our customers with a complete value-added service, by progressively moving up the value chain from engineering services to manufacturing to an aerospace supply chain ecosystem SEZ. Additional consultancy services in the form of turnkey solutions to set up businesses in the field of precision engineering sets QuEST Global SEZ far apart from its competitors.” said Aravind Melligeri, Chairman & Co-founder, QuEST.

About QuEST Global

For more than 20 years, QuEST Global has been a trusted global product engineering and lifecycle services partner to many of the world’s most recognized companies in the Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Energy, Hi-Tech, Medical Devices, Rail and Semiconductor industries. With a presence in 13 countries, 56 global delivery centers and 11,250+ personnel, QuEST Global is at the forefront of the convergence of the mechanical, electronics, software and digital engineering innovations to engineer solutions for a safer, cleaner and sustainable world. QuEST Global’s deep domain knowledge and digital expertise help its clients accelerate product development and innovation cycles, create alternate revenue streams, enhance consumer experience and make manufacturing processes and operations more efficient.

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