QuEST Global, a leading provider of outsourced engineering and manufacturing, plans to focus on the Indian civil nuclear energy sector. “QuEST Global will focus on engineering relating to the nuclear island (not including nuclear reactor) and the turbine island in addition to some aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle,” Bejoy George, Chief Marketing Officer, told Projectmonitor.

At present, QuEST Global was focusing on companies in USA, the UK and India. It had submitted a few proposals in response to RfP/RfQ and was awaiting the outcome of these bids, he disclosed.

In India, QuEST Global expects significant opportunities in engineering services, especially in aerospace, power generation, oil and gas, and nuclear plant engineering. Until recently, more than 95 per cent of QuEST Global’s revenues came from customers located outside India. Going forward, the company will be focusing on the Indian market with the intent to address government organisations and PSUs as well as private sector companies.

George said that from a technical readiness point of view, QuEST Global had hired a vice president in USA, to head the nuclear practice, as well as experts in the field. The company has also started training a team of about 20 engineers in the nuclear domain such as nuclear engineering safety standards. The training is being provided by Indian companies with expertise in nuclear engineering.

QuEST Global is also registering itself in the supplier database of nuclear technology owners as well as technology implementers like EPCs and other companies that provide commissioning, decommissioning, and refurbishment and life-extension services.

In the power generation sector, the company has worked on hydro turbines and generators, gas and steam turbines, compressors, heat recovery steam generators, turbo generators, wind turbines, accessory systems, pumps and other machinery.

Source: http://www.projectsmonitor.com/NEWPROJECTS/quest-global-eyes-indian-nuclear-space