Dushyanth Reddy (Dush)
Dushyanth Reddy (Dush)
Business Head

Dush has amassed more than 15 years of experience building and scaling engineering services partnerships with Fortune 100 companies. He has specialized in Strategic Account Management, international operations and forming global delivery centers to deliver progressive engineering value to clients.

Currently leading the Energy vertical at QuEST as Vice President, Dush has been instrumental in incubating and growing key accounts by providing consultative solution selling. Since joining QuEST in 2000, he has managed sizable engineering delivery centers involving USA, Europe and Asia Pacific spending time in all three continents equally. His primary strength lies in developing customer-focused Global Product Development solutions and nurturing long-term credible relationships with customers. Over the years, Dush has demonstrated expertise in the integration of high-end domestic engineering companies with global (best cost) engineering teams to deliver a unique QuEST Local-Global solution.

Dush holds a Masters degree (M.Tech) from I.I.T. Kharagpur, India in Structural Engineering. He is a certified Black Belt and a Lean Leader. He is also recognized as “Employee of the Decade” by QuEST.

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