• Case Study

    reduce cycle time

    Find out how our design automation practices for locomotive cut down your cycle time by as much as 60%.

  • Case Study

    predict predicaments

    A leading locomotive company optimised their maintenance cost with our monitoring algorithm which can predict whether a component is healthy or not and when it’s going to fail.

  • Case Study

    cut down changes

    Give a rest to multiple iterations of design reviews with our Virtual Design Review Audit solutions. Find out how we enabled a locomotive major to reduce engineering changes and foster enterprise-wide collaboration.

  • Case Study

    condense design cycles

    We helped a locomotive major brought down design cycle time by as much as 70% with our automation solutions for meshing of the locomotive platforms.

  • Greg Snyder

    Our solutions for bogies, interiors, locos, signalling come with the advantages of cycle time reduction as well as complete ownership.

  • Get Work Completed in a Shortened Schedule

    Good job! Thanks for working with me to get this completed in a shortened schedule. It really helped us out on the commercial side.

  • Rolling Stock

    Besides design & development, V&V, and sustenance engineering, we offer software development, requirement management, and diagnostics & prognostics support.

  • Signaling

    Partner with us to enjoy the advantages of cost and our knowledge of rail regulations and standards.

  • Remote monitoring & diagnostic of locomotives

    Track the health of locos for long life performance. See how our remote monitoring and diagnostic solutions help you in the maintenance of your in-service products.