Improving traffic flow across Urban, Mainline, Freight and Industrial segments

Our signalling solutions developed in collaboration with our customers allow operators to ensure the highest standards in safe, seamless travel with urban and mainline solutions that meet the specific needs of each operation environment.

Smooth rail operations depend on seamless signalling and route control products which offer high availability and reliability. We have the experience of engineering products to comply with all international standards such as CENELEC SIL 0 to 4, and AREMA.

With railway systems becoming ever more complex, railway operators and maintainers need an interlocking system that they can count on to guarantee the performance and availability of the system.

  • Our teams have worked on improved operational performance which is achieved through varying levels of automated functionality:
    Automatic train protection (ATP) to control vital, safety-critical functions
  • Automatic train operation (ATO) of the actual train-driving functions
  • Automatic train supervision (ATS) including for routing, scheduling adherence and fault monitoring

We have had the privilege of working on some of  the world's largest cities and countries to meet their mobility needs - rapidly and reliably.


Segments we cater to

QuEST is experienced in collaborating with customers to meet the demand of signalling solutions across multiple segments. This includes developing signalling solutions for urban and mainline as well as freight and industrial segments. We have a highly capable product engineering team who have worked on a range of technologies including CBTC, ETCS and PTC. We have been partnering with our customers to build signalling solutions for some of the top cities in the world, signalling solutions in vast expansive landscape as well as in industrial and mining environments. 

Urban signal sol

With rapid urbanization, the demands on public transport like urban and suburban networks is ever increasing. Commuters are looking for reliable, convenient connectivity to help them get around thriving cities and to the suburbs. 

We are working with our customers to meet the ever-increasing demands of signalling solutions to continuously improve their performance, enhance their reliability and improve availability. Our teams are experienced with Onboard, Wayside, Interlocking, Trackside, Train Control Centre to meet the demand of our customer's customer. Our teams have had the privilege to contribute to developing signalling solutions for Delhi Metro, Barcelona Metro, Bangkok, Melbourne, Singapore and Eglinton.

Mainline Signal Sol

The demands placed on today's rail infrastructure has increased exponentially to ensure that they are able to provide for the increase in flexibility, capacity, safety and reliability performance and the increasing emphasis on developing digital solutions across the Rail network. All elements of the rail infrastructure are becoming connected, smart and are moving towards a high degree of automation to ensure seamless journeys across destinations. 

We are working with our customers to respond to these demands. Our teams have worked on signalling solutions for very high speed, regional and intercity solutions. A partial list of the projects we have been involved with includes Tel Aviv Mainline. Our teams have worked on the Onboard and Interlocking systems as well.

Freight, Industrial & Mining (FIM) Solutions

Freight, industrial mining and yard operations are undergoing significant transformation through their digitalization to improve operational efficiency. To provide very responsive solutions to demand needs, high degree of flexibility is needed, while all along ensuring guaranteed availability.

Our teams have the experience in working on PTC solutions for Freight, Industrial and Mining Solutions. The systems we have helped engineer include Onboard, Wayside, Interlocking, Trackside, and Train Control Centre. Some of the projects we have been involved in includes mines in Grasberg, Indonesia, Kiruna, Sweden, Pilbara region, Australia and those in Chuquisaca, Chile.

Smart Mobility & Infrastructure

Every day across passenger mobility, freight network, yard operations - a huge quantum of data is generated by the rail infrastructure. In recent times, rail infrastructure providers have started harnessing this wealth of data to develop insights, utilize these to enhance operational efficiencies as well as significantly improve customer experiences. 

Our engineers use the latest technologies in data analytics, cyber security, artificial intelligence to convert this raw data into smart insights that help our customers to be more competitive in their markets and help them offer new products and services to their customers. This helps the entire value chain to be more efficient, enhance customer experience and guarantee a higher degree of safety and availability.

Some of the solutions that our teams have helped develop include traffic management solutions, network optimization solutions, and firmware over the air update solutions, and autonomous solutions.


QuEST has partnered with its customers to develop a range of solutions for fleet operations. This includes remote monitoring and diagnostic solutions, predictive analytics, simulation solutions, etc. We partner with technology providers like Intel, Microsoft, Nvidia, etc to leverage their technologies to come up with applications that help solve the needs of operators and signalling OEMs.

In addition, we also provide design review and integrity validation support, lifecycle cost management and supply chain solutions.

Product Engineering Capability

QuEST's product engineering capability covers a range of signalling systems. Our experience in Product Engineering and Lifecycle management helps our customers in the design, development, verification & validation and commissioning phases of multiple systems to improve the operations of rail network to maximize reliability, safety and availability. 

On-board Systems

Our experienced team of signalling engineers have worked on Automatic Train Control (ATC), Automatic Train Protection (ATP), Automatic Train Operation (ATO) and other critical components of On-board systems including Radios, On-Board Train Communication, HMI and DMI, Online Key Management systems, GRU, etc. 

We have the capability to develop and validate signalling software to SIL 4 standards. The scope of product engineering work executed includes Systems Engineering, Software design & development, Component Testing, Sub-system Testing, System Testing (Lab environment), DevOps and Release Management, Configuration management, DMI Test Automation, and HMI Screen development & Testing. 

Wayside Systems

Our teams have collaborated with the customers in the engineering of the various module of the Wayside solutions. This includes Radio block centre, Radio block centre, Train to track communication, Discreet and safe point machines, Train External Communication, Train Radio, communication and network. The scope of work we have undertaken includes Design & Development, S/W Verification & Validation, Development of tools used for Testing and testing of Tools & applications with Wayside controller.

Interlocking Systems

Interlockings ensure safety. They check that rail sections are free, determine routes, and provide information on movement requests and train speeds.

Trackside Equipment

The scope of product engineering work undertaken on trackside equipment includes Engineering work done includes 

  • Verification & Validation of IXL
  • Design & Verification of scheme plans
  • Validation of ETCS Balise Telegrams
  • Preparation of Verification Database
  • Preparation of Test Procedures
  • Writing Balise & LEU data validation test reports
  • ETCS1 Trackside data preparation and Validation
  • Verification & Validation,
  • Site Acceptance Test (SAT),
  • ETCS Application Data Design
  • Preparation of Wayside Balise and LEU Telegrams

Signalling Case Studies

ETCS Onboard Software Development & Testing

ETCS Onboard Software Development & Testing for preventing accidents and Increased traffic capacity

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Industrial Software Development & Testing

To develop centralized CBTC-SIL4 signaling and monitoring system as per CENELEC EN 50128 standards.

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Train Performance: Trip Optimizer – Dev and V&V

Customer is a global leader in driving high-tech change across the rail industry to reduce costs, streamline operations and increase performance.

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Automated Train Supervision Development

Development of Operator Training Simulator (OTS) for Urban and Industrial signaling solutions

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Operator Training Simulator

Developing a Signaling Subsystem for Urban and Industrial Signaling solutions

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