• Turnaround Time for the Oil & Gas Industry
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    Turnaround time for O&G industry ?

    Operational Excellence is critical to succeed in the current Oil & Gas industry environment.

  • Oil and Gas Engineering - Development of Automated Tool
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    rigging it right

    Given our long standing experience in mission critical industries, you can absolutely rely on us for high quality deliverables to meet industry regulations and avoid huge penalties.

  • Oil and Gas Engineering -Automated Standard Operating Procedure
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    rapid and reliable

    Be it mechanical or electronics, our engineering solutions crunch your cycle time. See how we cut 90% cycle time for impellers.

  • Oil and Gas Engineering -Integrated Manufacturing Engineering CoE
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    capex collapse?

    Shoestring opex budgets eating into your engineering capex? We take on product, process, project, production and operation improvement to deliver cost optimization.

  • Inder Chawla

    You don’t have unlimited resources; you don’t have unlimited budgets; how do you bring new capabilities fast? Reach out to us.

  • equipment-and-services

    QuEST engineers were very effective with special emphasis on timeliness of task completion; adapting to new and challenging tasks; accountability and task ownership

  • Oil & Gas Engineering Solutions Span Drilling & Evaluation

    The overall process was very smooth and the final product is well done. I appreciate the service that was provided and this will make it easier for the assembly personnel in the future.

  • Overall involvement and commitment from the team is excellent

  • Chain of Supply of Creating Technology - Customer Speak

    You are part of the chain of supply of creating technology for world companies.


Our engineering solutions span drilling & evaluation, completions & production, wireline logging, aftermarket operations, hydraulic fracturing, etc,.


We extend midstream engineering support  for pipelines, booster stations, compressor stations, slug catchers, to mention a few. 


Our downstream solutions include services for refinery, petrochemical and oil terminals.