Product Engineering Offerings

In a bid to provide quicker solutions and meet the spike in demand, Semiconductor OEMs, today, have a pressing need to take their products to market in the shortest time span, maintaining high levels of product quality . They also need to grapple with non-negotiable needs of development & testing of SEMI standards-compliant products. For over 2 decades now, QuEST has helped global semiconductor equipment OEMs achieve these objectives with turnkey product development and enterprise solutions, by creating innovative digital solutions across front end, back end and SMT equipment


  • Product design and development (Embedded, Software, Mechanical)
  • Product sustenance, Product modernization, Porting)
  • SEMI standards compliant software design and development
  • Inspection, Metrology, Process equipment automation
  • Image processing
  • Equipment Automation software, Factory automation software
  • SEMI standards compliance testing
  • Factory acceptance tests
  • Test automation, DevOps
  • User experience
  • Obsolescence management

It’s not just a job. It’s an opportunity to engineer a new world.

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