• Strength & Impact

    Mission Critical Match

    Partner with us confidently as you build aircraft to fly people safely to their destinations. We have years of experience working with some marque OEMs in the aerospace industry.

  • Data Systems Software Development and Integration
    Strength & Impact

    Globalization Gains

    As you expand your business stretching to access emerging markets, we meet your globalization needs through our global delivery centers, network of suppliers, localization know-how.

  • Strength & Impact

    Capability Counts

    Keeping pace with our customers, we have added on cutting edge capabilities to meet your high end capability requirements such as embedded systems.

  • Ashok Baweja

    There are fewer new airframes, continuing evolution of flight safety and customer cabin experience – for all of these reasons there is a huge spend on embedded systems.

  • Steven Gerber

    Whether it’s engineering or the right side of the Product Life Cycle, customers are looking at capable and scalable thinking partners that can add value in a very short period of time.

  • Aero Space and Defence

    Happy to see the continuous improvement that you have demonstrated, which has resulted in an impressive growth in the last two years.

  • Airframe Engineering - Customer Speak

    I am very happy with the work carried out. The team met expectations, communicated well, and met the set deadlines committed to.

Aero Systems

Mechanical System:
Actuation, Air Management, Cabin & Cargo Systems, Landing Gear, Wheels & Brakes

Embedded & Electrical Systems:
Display, Lighting, Electrical Power,  Crew Interface, Flight Management, Flight Warning, Navigation Systems and Sensors


Our services address engineering needs of commercial aircraft, rotorcraft, naval and military aircrafts. We work on primary & secondary structures (metallic and composite); wing; fuselage; and nacelles.


Our engineering solutions for cabins span seating, galleys, stowages, IFE and cabin systems.