Enabling Digital Transformation of Products and Services

Quest Global at CES 2023

Booth #11015 | North Hall, LVCC

Jan 5 – 8,  Las Vegas


Radical technology disruptions continue to push the boundaries of human imagination every single day. Convergence of technologies, apps, and devices is the norm, and consumers always expect high-speed, personalized connected experiences. Technology-oriented industries, such as software, semiconductor, semiconductor equipment OEMs, consumer electronics, and computing & peripheral companies, are at the core of this transformation.


With proven expertise across transformative technologies such as IoT, AI/ ML, and AR/VR, Quest Global is already a trusted partner for some of the world’s largest technology companies. We work on future-ready solutions spanning the entire Hi-Tech spectrum – from silicon to product development and manufacturing. With over two decades of experience in product engineering across the Mechanical, Electronics, Software, and Digital domains, we enable global leaders to solve their hardest engineering challenges.

Multi-disciplinary Product Engineering

  • Intelligent Products & Devices
  • Intelligent Ecosystem
  • Smart Edge

Digital Transformation Solutions

  • IoT Solutions & XaaS
  • Predictive Maintenance & Digital Twin
  • Big Data Analysis & Visualization

Technology Solutions

  • AI/ML/DL, and Vision Analytics
  • Big Data, Security, and Blockchain
  • AR/VR

Enterprise Applications

  • Transformation and Modernization
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Data Engineering and Platform Services

Hi-Tech Solution Demonstrations at CES 2023

Quest Global ThirdEye Solution with Data Analytics

With the power of AI and Video Analytics, this solution leverages computer vision with custom-trained Deep Learning models that detect defects faster, more accurately, and at a lower cost.

  • LOWER COST – Early, automatic defect detection lowers costs by minimizing product recall and optimizing inspection resources
  • HIGHER QUALITY – Defect detection not only improves productivity but also enables managers to train and improve the operator’s performance
  • FASTER PRODUCTION – The speed of manufacturing lines is increased with optimized human inspection, especially for large items such as wind turbines

A solution for extending the life of a product

A solution that helps extend product life by establishing a trusted secure maintenance platform that ensures authentic parts are being used for replacement.

  • A trusted, transparent and a secure platform for maintenance
  • Distributed platform
  • FinTech – payment gateway services

A platform for connected products and devices

A platform for asset management, device provisioning, and data analytics (Edge and Batch) with insights and predictive maintenance.

  • An intelligent platform for connected products and devices
  • Enabling as–a–service model
  • Analyzing Big Data to create actionable insights
  • Leveraging our Centers of Excellence (CoEs) for digital capabilities

An AR application loaded on an AR device for maintenance

An AR application loaded on an AR device worn by technicians. While the technician is actually maintaining the product, this product helps them with seamless and efficient remote assistance and maintenance support by identifying parts in mixed reality.

  • Application for remote assistance and maintenance
  • Increasing the efficiency of device maintenance
  • Blending the physical and digital worlds

Accelerate your power to connect

The Quest Global IoT accelerator platform enables customers to build flexible solutions and accelerate their digital transformation journey & help them envisage new business models, deliver enhanced customer experiences and improve overall efficiency.

  • Cloud-agnostic & Distributed Cloud
  • Digital Twin capabilities
  • Edge AI & Vision Analytics
  • FOTA and Reconfigurable Edge

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