Corporate Social Stewardship

Societies that have progressed, clearly show that when these three elements work in tandem, they produce remarkable results and build an enriched society. Education plays a critical role in shaping communities and their people.

CSR at QuEST is all about creating a positive change through education. Across the world, Questians organize and participate in various events that promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education. By creating an environment to nurture local talent, QuEST lays a strong foundation for a better tomorrow for the community.

What’s more, our purposeful drive to improve the community has interested some of our customers and we collaborate with them periodically in a meaningful way to create true worth for the student community.

Social Stewardship

How have we made a difference?
Beneficiaries Speak

Questians Volunteer

  • FIRST Robotics Contest in Connecticut
    Questian Jim Wiskiewicz volunteers for the FIRST Robotics Contest in Connecticut.

    “I love being an encouragement to kids and make them understand that anyone can be an engineer if they put their minds to it”.

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