• Corporate Core Values

    Service business is all about establishing trust with customers

    This calls for building relationships, which is nothing but creating value to each other.

Corporate Core Values

We create value for our customers and other stakeholders by following certain values to ensure our partnership is purposeful and with integrity. They are:

Accountability: Act as if Everything Depends on You

  • We understand our roles, responsibilities and KRAs. We shall strive to exceed these expectations every time
  • We commit to what we deliver and deliver what we commit without follow-up
  • We take full responsibility for our deliverables and be held accountable for the results
  • We are quality conscious, process oriented and strive for continuous improvement
  • We shall abide by QuEST Standards of Business Conduct and uphold QuEST Values

Change Championship: Equipped to handle change – Whenever, wherever

  • Change is the only constant in our business and it fosters growth, both personal & collective
  • The flexibility and speed with which we adapt to change is critical to our success
  • We believe that every change is an opportunity for us to learn, to improve and to contribute
  • We at QuEST Global believe in being change champions and not just observers

Teamwork: Team works. Collaborate to do more

  • We shall draw strength from teamwork and collaboration irrespective of geographic, organizational and cultural boundaries
  • We respect every individual and actively encourage diversity and try to help every team member grow
  • We are certain our global team members are always standing-by to help each other, learn and grow

Customer Focus: At customer’s service, anytime, everytime

  • We are passionate about serving our customers. We will do that with personal conviction and utmost dedication
  • We strive to exceed our customer’s expectations and we do that each and every time
  • We shall always give total effort to our customers and stay focused on their evolving needs
  • We know everything begins with our customers and ends with our customers