In 2009, I began my professional journey at Quest Global in the Naval sector as a Marine Engineer at the Ferrol office. I’ve always been passionate about engineering since I was a kid, but my calling was for Marine engineering in particular. Needless to say, I loved my job. However, just when I began to get comfortable, the industry took a downturn in 2013, leaving me with a tough choice: either stay in the same industry and take a hit or reskill and look for a new opportunity.

I moved from Ferrol to Madrid in search of a better career path. Thankfully, since Quest Global provides engineering services to multiple verticals, finding an opportunity wasn’t that difficult. I first found an opening in the aerospace industry and then settled into working for the automotive sector. Although I specialized in marine engineering, I had a solid foundation in mechanical engineering. So, I wasn’t expecting the change to be extremely challenging. Boy, was I wrong. The switch was difficult, both personally and professionally, but it made me more versatile and confident in my skills and abilities. There’s nothing like getting out of your comfort zone to show yourself what you’re capable of! With each project, I had to unlearn, learn, and, most importantly, perform excellently on my job. Thankfully, I had colleagues and managers who were there to support me whenever I felt stuck. Soon enough, making car sensors for parking and airbags felt like second nature.

In 2016, I returned to Ferrol to work in the naval sector, where I still work today. However, that switch three years ago has enabled my growth professionally and personally. Within Quest Global, I’ve been able to grow, starting as a Trainee Engineer and working my way up to Project Manager. And along the way, my family has grown too – I now have two children, Mario and Minia, who look up to the work I do.

I’m proud to be part of the Quest Global family, and I plan to learn and grow further years to come by taking on new projects, solving more engineering challenges, and continuously learning and growing

Written by Minia Nunez

on 27 Apr 2023

Program Manager,

Quest Global