As a young Mexican-American girl, I was impressed and inspired by the great Hispanics of my time, such as Cesar Chavez—a great independence activist—and Ellen Ochoa—the first Hispanic woman to go to space. I, too, dreamt big, knowing there would be challenges and many obstacles along the way. But my vision to keep dreaming and reaching my goals was clear. I was born with a will to keep achieving, and that will was all I needed to find a way – a notion instilled in me by my parents’ courageous and unwavering bravery, who immigrated to America took head on the hardships that came their way. I am grateful and forever indebted to them for dedicating time to teaching me about core values like self-respect, respect for others, honor, and accountability for one’s actions, which are the pillars we stand by as Questians.

Although I joined in 2018, 2021 was the beginning of my journey at Quest Global and the start of becoming the best version of myself. There were multiple companies who I could help and numerous opportunities for me to exercise the years of learning I had been anxiously waiting to make use of. At Quest Global, I have had the opportunity to develop strategic objectives, lead initiatives, become a trusted partner to our global customers and by following the values and cultures my parents and ancestors have taught me.

Today, as an experienced manufacturing professional of 20 years, like my role models did for me, I too wish to inspire and enable younger Hispanics to do the same. I speak on behalf of the manufacturing community about the many opportunities there are in this field of work and how rewarding it can be. I am an example to many that a dream can become reality so long as you can imagine it. My dream started with becoming the first person in my historical lineage to get a college degree. I am now planning on where to finish my doctorate degree. Like you, I also seek to be well-known and admired, but I appreciate the journey that is taking me there most.

Written by Lucia Piedra

on 19 Sep 2022

Extraordinary Engineer, Quest Global