Originally from Puerto Rico, at 19, I was given the opportunity to play NCAA baseball in the USA. Despite the challenges, my parents knew this was the right decision for my future and encouraged me to shift to the USA. After playing my senior year at Eastern Connecticut State University, I went back. However, due to economic restraints and the growing number of opportunities in the United States, I returned to work as a machine operator. Shifting again from Puerto Rico to the USA was one of the hardest decisions of my life, but because of this, I was able to meet so many wonderful friends and colleagues and give back to my community.

After moving to the US, I worked for a few companies before joining Quest Gobal in 2009. My dedication and passion towards my work allowed me to become the Team Lead in a quick span of time, eventually advancing to Program Manager. I had the unique chance to interact directly with customers and travel to Air Force bases, and I continued to succeed at work. However, I would often look back at my formative years and yearned to give the passionate youngsters of my community the same opportunity to shine and build a brighter future.

The instance presented itself after Hurricane Maria in 2017 – one of the deadliest hurricanes that destroyed the northeastern Caribbean. As a Latino and Puerto Rican native, it was hard for me to see the shattered dreams of thousands of young achievers. I am thankful to Quest Global for sending a team and giving aspiring engineers in colleges an opportunity to grow and become extraordinary engineers.

I was able to introduce Quest Global to several engineering colleges and hire many talented, humble engineers. My experience with Quest Global’s leadership support in reaching out to colleges and hiring talented people was a heartwarming one. I am honored to be working among people who care for not just their peers but also the community they live in and who constantly work towards creating a better world.

Written by Javier Madera

on 07 Nov 2022

Senior Lead Engineer