If you were to ask me what kind of engineer I am, the answer would not be straightforward. On the one hand, I am a production manager, who oversees the Maintenance Manual for the aircrafts. This involves protocols for repairing and replacing components, conducting inspections, and much more exciting yet regular work. On the other hand, I also work on in designing and developing applications and software that incorporate new technologies like virtual reality for different industries.

Weird combination, isn’t it? Well, for me, engineering has always been my passion. Rather than settle on one technology or skill, I’ve always wanted to explore and learn how I can go beyond and push myself to the limits to learn and solve engineering problems.

This drive to explore new challenges also brought me to work on a fascinating project for a shipbuilder in Spain, a company Quest Global collaborates with. Here, I had the chance to put my passion for software development to practical use. My team and I began working on a VR (virtual reality) project, and its idea partly stemmed from video games. I started thinking about the typical controllers and headsets used in virtual reality games and how we could incorporate them into our project.

This was a challenging undertaking, as the project required expertise in game development engines. But it was also an exciting learning opportunity, so we decided not to seek any outside help and learned the software from scratch by ourselves. I created the first version of the proof of concept, which was computer-based, with typical controls like a keyboard and mouse. The “B” version was developed to be showcased at two major events in Spain.

It’s really inspiring and rewarding to see the love this project received from my team and the company. I truly believe if you are passionate about something and are willing to take risks for it, the end outcome can either be a win or you can learn something along the way. And one of the great things about working in Quest Global, and I have been working here for 11 years, is the flexibility I have and the support I get to try out new technologies – to have that space and resource to pursue my passion in a field that is nowhere near my own is truly incredible.

With so many new emerging technologies to investigate, naturally I also have my sights set on AI (Artificial Intelligence). As they say, the possibilities here are endless. But the goal has always been to keep learning.

Written by Gonzalo Prieto Busto

on 03 Nov 2023

Production Manager,

Quest Global