Ever since I was a child, I dreamt of becoming a scientist like Dr. Emmett Brown in the movie “Back to the Future.” There was something about his white lab coat, scientific appearance, and his ability to invent anything that sparked a deep passion within me to explore the wonders of science and engineering.

This dream began to take shape in junior high school when I discovered the world of robot contests. I felt that I had the potential to build robots just like my idol. This period was a pivotal moment when I realized that I could combine my love for inventing with my desire to contribute to society through engineering.

While “Back to the Future” played a significant role in shaping my dreams, another movie that profoundly impacted me was “Three Idiots.” The character Rancho, brilliantly portrayed by Amir Khan, epitomized the joy of learning and the pursuit of excellence. One particular quote from the film resonated deeply with me: “Chase excellence in your field of passion, and success will follow likewise.” This quote became my mantra as an engineer, driving me to always strive for excellence in my work and continuously expand my knowledge even to this day.

These movies made me believe that through imagination and creativity, engineering inspires us to push the boundaries of what is possible. For example, the hoverboard from “Back to the Future Part II” or the concept of a floating skateboard-like device defying gravity. Another example is the power suit developed by Tony Stark in the movie “Iron Man,” teaching us how technology can enhance our abilities and provide protection. These movies are works of fiction, but their underlying messages struck a chord within me. I realized that if hoverboards and powered suits were to become a reality someday, they would undoubtedly rely on an essential technology known as LSI (Large-Scale Integration). So, I did what anyone else would do – I became an LSI engineer.

As an LSI engineer at Quest Global, my passion for engineering and innovation has allowed me to create a tool that streamlines CPU verification, significantly reducing man-hours while ensuring product quality for our clients. It was a challenging endeavor, but the satisfaction of solving a problem through engineering is one of the best parts of being an engineer. Today, when I am faced with a difficult challenge, I try to adopt the attitude of Dr. Emmett Brown and say, “This is challenging, so let’s try it.”

Being part of this global company has given me the opportunity to learn and speak English, a long-standing aspiration of mine. Moreover, being entrusted with leadership responsibilities has provided invaluable experience and further developed my sense of accountability. Today, I may not be Dr. Emmett Brown or Tony Stark, but I am glad to utilize my skills to create a better world.

Written by Makoto Uramoto

on 18 May 2023

Semicon Lead Engineer,

Japan, Quest Global