My journey to becoming an extraordinary engineer at Quest Global started from my humble origins in Italy. Growing up, I was surrounded by curious people who always found creative solutions to everyday problems. With my mother being a physicist and my father a technical manager, it was only natural that my sister and I became engineers.

I always knew I wanted to be a scientist, and during high school, I found my way to engineering. I pursued Materials Engineering, with a specialization in functional metallic materials, during my Ph.D. During my academic years, I studied abroad and met amazing people from all over the world. Sometimes I was the “host” in my hometown, while other times, I was the “foreigner” in another country. These experiences taught me the value of cultural and personal differences.

The opportunity to work at Quest Global in Aerospace arrived by chance while I was waiting for a plane (maybe was it a hint?). Or was it fate? You tell me. When I read the job posting, I felt like I found what I was looking for: my researcher soul could devote itself to finding and solving real problems through innovative solutions. That was the piece I was missing during my academic career. 

I knew I had found what I was looking for. At Quest Global, as a Materials Application Engineer, I was able to work on-site with the customer in research and development activities, focusing on materials selection and green production processes. After just one year, I was promoted to team leader of the Materials Engineering Quest Global team by the customer. In this new position, I had to balance my time between performing technical tasks and caring for my team and customer needs, which is not always easy. But I love this “more human” part of my role and am delighted when I can make my colleagues’ job easier. I have come to understand more and more Quest Global’s inner mechanisms, and I am excited about how I can contribute to the company’s future. 

For sure as the Quest Global saying goes “the best is yet to come”, but the beginning was not bad at all! I am grateful for the beginning and all the lessons it has taught me.

How a Curious Italian Girl with a Passion for Engineering Became a Team Leader at QuEST Global

Written by Chiara Confalonieri

on 31 Jul 2023

Team Leader,

Quest Global