Long ago, I developed an intense fascination and love for Star Trek.

These days it’s easy to understand. I am referring, however, to the Captain Kirk and Spock of the original Star Trek. I’ve watched every episode many times, owned the models, the technical manual, the blueprints, the poster books. Heck, I even had the tricorder and phaser available back then. I wanted to be on the Enterprise. Literally, I began to imagine and desire my own version of it.

I decided that I must create the bridge of the Enterprise or at least the Shuttlecraft (Galileo). Soon, I realized the only way to do this is to become familiar with computer systems, programming, and all things high-tech.

Well into adulthood, I went to college, and I said, “I want to make video games!” They told me, “We don’t have that; we have business information systems and computer programming.”

Years of focus and experience turned me into a software engineer quite adept at relational databases and the applications that surround them. Lots of hardware experiences followed, as the two are related, especially in smaller businesses where one wears many hats. It’s a continuous learning process, as the field is ever-evolving.

During this whole time, my whole career span, as a matter of fact, I balanced two or three jobs as I paid my dues of the current situation, always looking forward to the bridge. Thinking someday I will get there.

After many outings here and there, I landed a great opportunity at Quest Global that puts all my software and hardware skills to the test. I find myself working with 15 simulators and virtual simulators and have the privilege of working in the cabs of locomotives. Ironically, I’ve come full circle, ending up right where I wanted to be from the start.

Each time I’m on a locomotive or in the sim fab, I feel as if I’m on the edge of the Enterprise!

Written by Carl Cody

on 10 Oct 2023

Project Leader, Quest Global