It feels like yesterday, but it’s already been 25 years since I joined Quest Global. I come from a small city in India, and 25 years ago, IT was an unconventional career choice, especially for a woman.

Being the youngest member of the family, things were kind of pre-defined for me. Both my father and brother studied B.Sc. in Mathematics, so that was the obvious career path for me. But I wanted to be an engineer! I didn’t know how to achieve my goal. With family support but a lack of guidance in the engineering domain, I knew my journey was not going to be easy. The only thing I was sure about was that I would be doing a lot of things for the first time, there would be failures, but I would have to keep learning and moving ahead. I tried for the B.Tech entrance but didn’t score well, so the next available option for me was a Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering.

As they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Ours was the first batch of Diploma holders that were part of the placement program for an IT Company. Until then, only Bachelor’s degree students were eligible for campus placements. Over 200 students appeared for the interview, out of which 19 got selected, and I was the only woman in this batch to join Quest Global in 1997.

Just about a year into the organization, I was deputed to Japan for three months to develop USB device driver for finger print sensor. As I continued working and met more people, my perceptions broadened. I realized my Diploma was not enough anymore, and I must pursue a Bachelor’s degree to add value to my work and experience.

So, in 2000, I started my four-year-long learning journey. I enrolled in evening B.Tech classes in Computer Science and Engineering. I worked during the day and attended classes in the evening from 6 PM to 9 PM. Coincidentally, I was the only woman in this class too. The additional study hours, along with work, were not easy.

In the same period, I got married in 2002 and had my first child in 2004. Managing all this was not easy, but I had a good support system at home – my partner and a great team at the office who could see my hard work and supported me all the way.

From then till now, Quest Global has given me range of opportunities to work and solve core engineering problems. Back in 1998, we worked on USB driver development for fingerprint sensors. Personally, I did not realize then that USB would be so indispensable in our day-to-day lives. In 2005, when nobody heard the term IoT, we transformed industrial power supply equipment into smart devices by enabling Ethernet connectivity. We also worked on transforming traditional safes into cloud-connected smart safes.

Like me, many Questians have similar stories to share. I joined with employee code 147, and today we are an organization with 17,000 extraordinary people. At Quest Global, my hard work bears fruit, and I hope to achieve greater heights personally and professionally by continuously learning and continuing to solve the world’s hardest engineering problems.

Written by Pamitha

on 20 Jun 2023

Program Manager,

Quest Global