They say necessity is the mother of invention, but when you work with brilliant engineers who are continually dreaming and doing, invention just keeps happening, whether driven by necessity or not.

Take the latest conception from the minds of Sankar U P, Aneesh Kamalamma and Akhil Vijay.

It started simply enough. Akhil Vijay had a sample 360-degree video from a recent vacation that he shared with Sankar and Aneesh. Akhil was pretty sure that no other companies in Kerala were using a 360o cam, Sankar and Aneesh were fairly certain that they could build one themselves, and everyone was positive that having a 360-degree selfie video apparatus for the Trivandrum Quest Global Fest was a great idea.

“Our motto has always been-work hard, party harder. We wanted to provide our colleagues an experience like never before at Quest Global’s 25th year celebrations, and that is exactly what we set out to achieve.” comments Akhil.   

Collaborating on their own time from their own homes, it took less than one week for Sankar and Aneesh to build their very own working version.

“Often, we engineers are stereotyped to be very serious people who sit and code or work on really difficult engineering problems day and night. But that is not the case. We’re all very fun-loving, passionate, excited bunch who just love technology. I wanted to build a piece of tech to capture this side of us.” comments Akhil gleamingly when asked why he decided to be a part of this initiative and work on this regardless of his busy work schedule.

Questians stood in queues and looked forward to getting their full picture with the apparatus at the Quest Global Fest. Needless to say, this was one of the busiest corners of the evening. “It always takes a team of passionate problem solvers and achievers to build and manage any technology. We wouldn’t have been able to launch and successfully operate this without the help of our team.” Sankar humbly states.  

Their model will be put into play not only for this one gathering but in countless other ways moving forward, providing an opportunity for us to lead a tech trend and garner much attention among the techie community.

In the end, we’re not sure you can categorize a 360-degree selfie video apparatus as one of life’s necessities, but for now, it sure is a ton of fun to have.

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on 23 Dec 2022