Talent Development is the foundation to any successful organization. When you value your employees and show them that you care through meaningful constructive feedback, guidance, mentoring and recognition, it is very likely that you will have high degree of personnel retention.

In today’s competitive environment, a determining factor for prospective employees to accept a job offer would not only be tied to the culture of a particular company but how much that company invests in an employee’s development. To be an industry leader, you need people who have the passion to learn and drive change. These are people looking to find and implement leading edge technologies and programs in order to keep pace and surpass the competition. Finding and attracting the very best talent will position your company very well but retaining that talent is the key to success.

Since COVID, organizations have had to adjust to the virtual world of doing business. With that comes adjustments to how to best engage with their employees and still have a one-on-one connection. Creative approaches are necessary to get through these challenging times and resume some semblance of normality.  Working remotely has added more stress to goals and performance plans. In light of this, it is best to have regular interactions with your employees and let them know how they are doing rather than merely depend on annual employee performance plans and a once a year performance discussion.

Written by Joe DaMico

on 01 Dec 2021

General Manager

Supply Chain Services