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It has been three decades since Home Automation technologies became integral to our lives.

We Need a More Gender Equitable Tech Culture

Between demanding roles at global tech companies and the societal acknowledgment that parenting amounts to the equivalent of approximately two and a half full-time jobs, work/life balance is a blurry line that many tiptoe along every day. If we want to build a more equitable global tech culture, we need to begin to implement strategies

Cable Tray, Equipment Layout Design and Harness routing for Saloon Roof

A system to ensure safety, maintainability and fleet standardisation

Harness Route to LMA Converter – Metro – 5 Car

A solution with significant costs savings

Passenger Seats System Integration – Metro, Outer Suburban and Long Distance Trains

A design ensuring ease of installation

End wall design and mountings for intercommunication components

Optimising design for ease of access

Sun Blind Windows and Infill Design Critical Design Review to Detailed Design Review for Aventra trains by Bombardier

Designed for comfort and convenience

Interiors-Ceiling Shear Plate Re-design CDR to DDR

Bridging requirements with technology

Wheelchair Draught Screen Re-design Aventra Platform Solution-UK

Re-designed to meet industry standards with quality and durability in mind

Complete Cab Interior Redesign- Metro, Outer Suburban and Long-Distance Trains

A technical redesign for safer, comfortable and more efficient journeys