Case Study

backlog bottlenecks?

Backlog inspection reviews bothering you? Lean on us to take care of your backlog burdens.

Development and Production Services


The customer wanted manufacturing support of vanes and blades for various military and commercial engine programs.


To start with the project, QuEST engineers analyzed the First Article Inspection Review (FAIR) documents received from Inspection. The documents were then reviewed and edited for correctness and completeness. This was followed by the workflow management to process documents through Quality and manufacturing engineering organizations, after which the records were uploaded.


QuEST helped customer to capture work instructions for FAIR, streamline production quality notifications, implement drawing changes in manufacturing instructions and incorporate new tooling requirements in process flow.

With our support, the customer was also able to offloaded team of customer engineers to perform other core work. QuEST also helped reduce backlog of FAIRs to be reviewed by 70% along with significant cost savings on tooling rework.