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Our competency spans across Mechanical, Electrical, Software, Embedded and Digital offerings for fossil and renewable power industries.

QuEST is committed to solving the challenges of the Power industry by accelerating design and development of power generation equipment, manufacturing, aftermarket services, asset management, control systems designs, operations and maintenance optimization for some of the biggest equipment manufacturers of the world.We drive business outcomes using digital initiatives like Digital Manufacturing, Digital Grid, Energy Management, Digital Twin, Equipment Usage Monitoring, Surveillance, Monitoring and Control, Predictive Maintenance, Immersive Training and Real-Time Remote Maintenance Support.


Supply Chain Management
Maximize Your Supply Chain Performance
Today’s supply chain networks are more complex than ever. QuEST helps OEMs to solve this challenge by monitoring and managing the existing processes more efficiently, and by making fundamental improvements in the way your supply chain is organized. We can also help you launch new products successfully by establishing supplier networks and transitioning parts from development into production. We deliver the skills to handle the complete lifecycle and coordinate the work at every step in the process.
Our services include: Supply Chain Visibility, Supplier Rationalization, New Product Launch and Product Transition, Supplier Readiness and Producibility, Product Cost Reduction and Asset Tracking.

Software and Electronics Product Engineering
Drive New Product Development and Sustain Existing Systems
QuEST offers a wide range of software and electronic engineering services that help to drive new system design and development, and to enhance and sustain the lifecycle of existing systems. For every solution we deliver, we apply an extensive verification and validation process to ensure best performance.
Our software engineering services include: New Product Initiatives, Legacy Product Enhancement and Sustenance, Testing and Test Automation, Continuous Integration and DevOps.
Our electronics engineering services include: New Product Initiatives, Legacy Product Re-engineering and Obsolescence Management, Validation and Verification, and Certification Support Services.

Product Cost Management
Monitor and Control Development Lifecycles to Avoid Budget Overruns and Achieve Cost Targets
Leveraging our expertise in the leading product cost management application platforms, QuEST provides solutions for power generation, transmission, and distribution systems using a proactive approach that helps avoid cost overruns.
Our services include: Should-cost Analysis, Yield Optimization, Value Engineering, Product Teardown Analysis, Lean Manufacturing, and Target Costing.

Mechanical Design and Simulation
The Expertise to Support Unique OEM Workflows and Drive Products to Market Faster
QuEST provides mechanical design and simulation to support a wide range of power generation systems: gas turbines, steam turbines, generators, internal turbines, skids, enclosures and structures, as well as renewable energy systems for onshore and offshore wind power generation.
Our services include: New Product Development, Sustenance Engineering, Product Fulfilment, Product Cost-Out, Configuration and Engineering Change Management, and Piping Engineering Support.

Manufacturing Engineering
Modernize Engineering Processes to Accelerate System Delivery and Repairs While Lowering Production Costs
QuEST’s Manufacturing Engineering solutions feature quick turnaround times and detailed processes based on approved Power industry standards. We have built clear documentation on how to apply process improvements, so power companies can improve margins by optimizing manufacturing costs and enhancing product quality.
Our services include: Parts Production Engineering, Supply Chain Management, Aftermarket Support, Manufacturing Process and Inspection Optimization, and Technology Transformation.

Engineering Analytics
Actionable Insights to drive Digital Transformation of Power-system Engineering Processes
For OEMs and Utilities that need to optimize power generation, transmission, distribution, and consumption, QuEST provides the expertise to mine and analyze data from disparate systems. We leverage technology to cleanse and process data, and then produce data models to analyze the data and generate predictive analytic reports. With this information, Power companies can effectively analyze operational data in real-time to improve process efficiencies as well as system reliability and availability.
Our services include: Prognostics and Diagnostics, Energy Management and Power Utilization, Transmission and Distribution (System Reliability and Consumption Analytics) and Data Analytics for Actionable Insights

Digital Transformation
Automate and Optimize Power Network Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Consumption
QuEST’s digital transformation solutions enhance the real-time capabilities of a wide range of Power company processes:
– Asset planning and performance management
– Operations and field support
– Energy aggregation, management and storage integration platforms
– Supply and demand platforms
– Network controls
– Connected and interoperable devices
– Digital customer models
– Smart sensors for homes, cars, cities, and wearables.
Our services include:  Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Applications, Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality, Robotics R&D and Security.

Digital Grid
Accelerated and Cost-Effective Digital Grid Transformations
QuEST’s digital grid solutions accelerate the deployment of new smart grids and enable Power companies to quickly modernize existing grids with minimum downtime, comply with industry standards, and also defend against cyber attacks.
Our services include: Remote Monitoring, IT-OT Systems Integration, Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS), Demand Response Programs and Automated Smart Meter Infrastructure.

Control System Engineering
Accelerated and Cost-effective Execution of Control System Engineering for New and Retrofit Projects
QuEST provides a range of control systems engineering services that span hardware engineering, software engineering, testing, and commissioning support to help OEMs, Utility companies, and EPCs to design and deploy new control systems and retrofit existing systems. Our services help Power companies to complete projects cost-effectively and provide global support in the Power market to meet the increasing demand for traditional and renewable forms of energy.
Our services include: System Configuration and I/O Engineering, Control Logic Implementation, HMI and SCADA Configuration, System Testing and Commissioning.

Aftermarket Services
End-to-End Aftermarket Capabilities
QuEST offers a wide range of fully managed aftermarket services supported by a dedicated CoE for each customer. Our unique combination of local-global resources provides the expertise Power companies need to execute aftermarket services efficiently, and to keep power systems operating at optimum capacity.
Our services include: Modifications and Upgrades, Outage and Repair Tool Engineering, Product Fleet Data Management, Repair Engineering, Nonconformance Engineering, Technical Publication Services, Spares and Service Part Management, Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics.

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