Customer Challenge

Our assessment of the APM 300R under-attachments took place as part of a replacement and fleet extension project. The main consideration was the under-attachment parts had to be optimised for weight.


  • To perform Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for the Coupler Mount, Lifting Jack pad and Ring Bearing considering given static loads – optimising the weight and ease of manufacturability
  • Create 3D models and drawings, once the design is approved by client


  • We delivered an Input study of the existing coupler mount, lifting jack pad & ring bearing design
  • We prepared the mesh, loading and boundary conditions in Hypermesh pre processing software.
  • Our team ran the analysis for the identified load cases in Optistruct and evaluated the results for stresses and displacements
  • When this was carried out, we finalised our optimal design


  • Reduction of weights by providing the cutout
  • Provided the optimised design and defined the welding parameters


  • Optimised design solution, without changing the fixation points or bolts
  • Better welding details for the optimised design