Customer Challenge

We needed to assist in the change of a handrail design for a specific model of train. A new concept had been designed, and the new proposed rail had to meet safety requirements.


  • To replace the current handrail with a new concept that has minimal parts and fixation
  • Perform the FEA to ensure the deflection and stress meet the design requirements
  • Carry out bolt assessments through calculations, using COBRA software


  • On assessment, our team realised the initial designs did not meet all criteria set out in the design stage.
  • We added additional brackets to meet the design requirements.
  • At bracket location, we decided the bolt size should increase from M8 to M10.
  • The FEA was then carried out to ensure that the handrail can withstand loads acting upon it.


  • The proposed new design to reduce the number of parts and fixation for ease of production was, in the end, fully verified using FEA.


Design changes proposed to meet the design criteria meant that:

  • Added additional brackets in left handrail reduced stresses
  • Bolt size was increase by M8 to M10 to create a better solution
  • Likewise, the bracket plate thickness was optimised by 1mm
  • The handrail was thickened by 1mm, ensuring a better and safer design overall