In the world of medical devices and diagnostics, innovation is the driving force behind growth and success. However, these products have long development lifecycles and even longer sustenance lifecycles.  Product maturity underpins a company’s financial stability; typically, most of the products in the portfolio are well into the sustenance phase of the lifecycle.  


It’s common knowledge that sustaining existing products, preventing obsolescence, and enhancing performance, extend their market life.  However, an overlooked part of sustenance engineering is its potential to transform insights gained into future innovation. 


The Insights gained can help in risk mitigation of component vitality challenges. E.g., proactively look for backward compatible alternate solutions before the parts become obsolete. The insights can also help reverse engineer functional and behavioral features of legacy systems, emulators, and simulators to accelerate the development of next-gen NPI. 

Empowering Innovation through Sustenance Engineering

Quest Global’s sustenance engineering solutions can provide a solid foundation for a company's continued growth. Sustenance operations with a strategic intent offer a high return for a relatively low investment and enhance the topline, retain the market position, and can be leveraged for NPIs, thus providing both long- and short-term benefits.


For many leading players in the industry, partnering with Quest Global for sustenance engineering programs has created a foundation for stability. It has allowed R&D to focus on innovation and growth in a highly competitive industry.

Our Capabilities

Product Refresh

We leverage insights and expertise from sustenance engineering programs to enhance products. Key highlights include Design Options analysis, Release Management of changed designs, and ownership-based Product Refresh program management.

Obsolescence Management

We offer turnkey ownership of parts obsolescence-driven projects. Our expertise includes service offerings such as options analysis, hardware consolidation, design simplification, backward compatibility assessment, alternate parts search, etc.

SBOM Management

We provide turnkey sustenance management of common tools and frameworks across multiple product modalities. Typical SBOM sustenance managed includes application middleware, libraries, reusable components, tools, utilities, and other SOUPs like OS used in the product architecture.

Parts Vitality Management

We manage the BOM Vitality Dashboard across the product portfolio through alternate parts and supplier search, preparation of comparison parameters, datasheet analysis, and component engineering.

Cost Reduction

We offer cost reduction projects to support Gross Margin Improvement (profitability) initiatives at various levels (portfolio, products, parts). Our services include Should Costing, value analysis, value engineering, supplier and part transitions, and supply chain support.


We provide design debt management services. We can support re-creating missing critical documentation and analyzing current designs (from the code base, schematics, parts, etc.). We help customers implement changes in regulatory and standards-related design change programs.

ECO Management

We offer support in Engineering Change Management programs. We enable coordination with stakeholders for reviews and approvals, follow-ups, checklist reviews, status updates, and DMS uploads.

Fixtures and Simulators

We offer engineering services support to help develop and qualify fixtures, simulators, and emulators. We have the expertise to create mechanical, electro-mechanical, and software-based tools for production, development, and testing.

Success Stories

Delivered software sustenance engineering solutions for customer enabling faster time-to-market

Quest Global delivered sustenance engineering solutions for a global leader in Diagnostic Imaging, reducing their operational cost of sustenance while maintaining processes, products, and systems of the customer’s QMS.

Delivered L3-Level support for Imaging Systems portfolio

Quest Global delivered sustenance engineering solutions for a customer allowing them to respond to their end-user within a day. We provided a release of pre-emptive measures for service engineers and were able to free up R&D engineers to achieve a faster time-to-market for NPD Programs.

Leader Speak

Our expertise in medical domain, keeping in pace with technology advancements and thirst for continuous improvement enable us to deliver high quality solutions to our customers leading to faster time to market, increased market share and profitability for them.

-Bindu Annie George, QuEST Global

Our Innovative, customized solutions, along with exceptional technical talent supporting Medical Devices product Life Cycle ensures a quick go to market, reduced lead time and larger market share gain.

-Rajeev Nair, QuEST Global

QuEST’s expertise in medical devices and capabilities in providing high quality deliverables in a short time is really impressive.

Leading Medical Devices OEM

Doctors are very interested in the new features provided by us. Thank you for your diligence and hard work.

Global Medical Devices Manufacturer

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