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  • Embedded Product Engineering
  • Software Product Engineering

  • Electronics Hardware
  • Embedded firmware & middleware
  • Verification & Validation

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  • Desktop | Mobile | Web & Cloud applications
  • Testing & Automation

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Semiconductor Chip Designers

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TCMS and its role in modern rail safety

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Rail wiring -The need for a robust system

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The pervasive use of semiconductors is evident all around us u2013 automotive, industrial, consumer electronics, with a total of 30 billion IoT connections expected by 2025. Connected devices & AI, the technology megatrend, is driving the development of custom chipsets


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  • Complex SoC Design
  • Physical design
  • FPGA/ASIC Emulation
  • DFT
  • Analog and Mixed-Signal designs
  • Pre silicon Verification Services

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Complex SoC and ASIC

  • Digital, analog, mixed-signal experts
  • Ultra low-power, high performance, small footprint designs
  • Multi-core embedded software systems
  • Support process technologies down to 5nm

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  • PoCs, Demos and Applications targeted for industry use cases
  • Integration services for industry standards and middleware stacks
  • Industry 4.0 and Digital transformation  applications

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  • Artificial Intelligence /DL/ML
  • Vision platforms & applications
  • Data Analytics
  • IoT Edge devices
  • Security

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The demand for ultra-low power, smaller form factor connectivity, AI and security chipsets is getting a significant boost with increased adoption of cutting-edge devices. Performance & reliability are the new success mantras.

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“I am extremely impressed with the technical competence of the offshore team delivering CNC programs. Continue keeping focus on the productivity and quality of the programs.”

“I am extremely impressed with the technical competence of the offshore team delivering CNC programs. Continue keeping focus on the productivity and quality of the programs.”

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Lower Geometrics

Top Chip Makers

Multi Domain

Engineering Chronicles

Custom Chipsets

35+ tapeouts covering NextGen 7nm & 12nm processors for a global chip major in gaming and desktop computing.

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Eda Tools

Integrated product engineering of  EDA tools (HW & SW) supporting multiple processor architectures

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It’s not just a job. It’s an opportunity to engineer a new world.

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  1. Service-based approach hosted on the cloud to present a uniform interface to all clients
  2. Enabled Service Oriented Architecture to interconnect myriad array of clients
  3. Interconnection of various systems for data gathering
  4. Distribution of “E-Signature” to interested parties in a timely and cost-e­ective manner
  5. Allow any “identified” client to upload “E-Signatures” and an identified client to query for signatures.
  6. Scalable authentication mechanism that can scale “Active Directory on Cloud”
  7. A collection of Web, Worker and Service roles was created to provide a rapidly scalable and modifiable platform
  8. An in-built capability to adopt “Active Directory on Cloud” for the longer run

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  1. Reduction in IT cost to a few hundred dollars per month (~200), to maintain the UAT and production
  2. Downtime was maintained at 0


  1. 10000 E-Signature can be uploaded per day
  2. Response time for signature verification is now less than 3sec


  1. Solution deployed on Azure AWS
  2. E-Signatures capture on handheld devices for Proof of Delivery

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