Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) in Automotive:
With QuEST ADAS engineering services, automotive manufacturers and Tier-1s can deliver advanced driver assistance including reading traffic signs, detecting objects on the road and alerting the driver about hazardous conditions along with enhanced services like differentiating a police car from an ambulance and even predict when a parked car would pull into traffic.

Security Surveillance:
QuEST help organizations build advanced security surveillance systems which include in-depth video analytics capabilities that analyze video footage to detect suspicious activities which could pose a threat to a home, office or any other area that needs to be secured. Advanced video analytics help security software learn what is normal so it can identify unusual and potential harmful behavior that a human eye may miss out on.

Anomaly Detection in Healthcare:
QuEST’s Artificial Intelligence -focused engineering services also cater to the healthcare use cases like anomaly detection in ECG signals and EEG recordings. Such use cases has the potential to improvise interaction in a clinical care-related environment and can be employed to assist health-care professionals in accurately predicting impending anomalies like lymph-node diseases, different forms of cancer, coronary heart diseases and congenital heart defects.

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