Software is an integral part of all our devices today – from aircrafts, cars, banks, hospitals, and more. However, enterprises across industries strive to ensure their engineering software works faultlessly. Some common challenges they face are:

  • Ensuring user experience and performance
  • Ensuring quality and cost-effectiveness
  • Managing resource constraints
  • Ensuring faster time-to-market
  • Keeping pace with technology advancements

Our engineering software team of over 1200 engineers have deep expertise in modern software technologies, agile methods, and domain-specific standards, helping you address these challenges and develop software that are scalable, secure and easily deployable in significantly less time.

Services offered

We offer engineering software services which cover every stage of the product life cycle from conceptualization to maintenance and documentation.

Our services include:


  • System Level modeling tools for Design to Cost, Conceptual Design
  • Tools for new design intent into pre-existing customer products

Design & Analysis

  • Data Centric Architecture Development
  • CAD Geometry Standardization
  • Master Template & Part Families
  • Design Automation
  • Scientific Code Modernization


  • CAD Drawing Automation
  • CNC Programming
  • Process Automation


  • Data Simulation
  • Inspection Software Simulation
  • Work Flow Automation
  • Document and Process Data Management


  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Performance Condition Monitoring
  • Document and Process Data Management


  • Document and Process Data Management
  • ITO/OTR – web and standalone application development

Proven Track Record

At QuEST, we have not just the expertise, but also a proven track record, of helping our global clientele.

  • Developed a web-enabled instrument control software
  • Designed, developed and tested an aircraft Communication Interface Data Systems
  • Rapidly developed a SCADA Gateway to exchange data between multiple OPCDA servers

How QuEST Global helps

  • Experienced in engineering services – We have built our engineering software team over a period of 6 years. We have a healthy resource mix of computer science professionals, mechanical engineers, and electronics engineers to offer best services for engineering software discipline.
  • Engineering software center of competency – We have and continue to build expertise in over 30 competencies in engineering software.
  • Dedicated customer-centric offshore development center – We have a built a dedicated offshore development center to offer engineering services which is supplemented with onsite customer support and capacity augmentation.
  • Collaborative development – Our team works collaboratively with our clients while adapting to their environment ensuring rapid and high quality software. We help our clients to achieve significant reduction in product engineering cycle time and cost of quality by leveraging state-of-the-art software technologies, tools and methodologies.
  • Rich technical expertise – Our expertise and capability spans various tools, platforms and technologies, helping us own complete engineering services of a product.
  • Robust in-house capability development and training programs – QuEST is dedicated to honing the skills of its team. To this end, we invest regularly in capability development and training programs to ensure our team is abreast with latest tools and technologies.
  • Future-ready – We have made several strategic investments in future technologies to ensure we are future-ready.