Our Continuous Integration Engine (CI) comprises of the Dashboard, Controller, Scheduler and Reports functions. CI Engine being the supervisory module, schedules the automated continuous integration process. CI Server monitors and controls the operations of all other modules, maintains task status in a web based dashboard visible to all stakeholders of the project.

Build Agent and the Hypervisor software

The Continuous Integration Engine together with the SCM tool, the Build Agent and the Hypervisor software manage the build and release.

The SCM tool

  • Manages trunk, production and QA branch
  • Creates feature and hot fix branches and merge branches
  • Manages source, test & build script & documentation

The Build Agent

  • Configures source, target and build agents
  • Compiles source code
  • Configures daily & nightly builds

The Hypervisor software

  • Maintains Test plan, Test cases and Test Suites
  • Creates Virtual Machines
  • Loads images on Virtual Machines


Following are the tools that we have leveraged for the Build and Release Management process:

  • SCM: CVS; TFS; SVN; Perforce; Clearcase
  • Continuous Integration: Teamcity, Jenkins
  • Automated Testing: UFT, TestComplete, Selenium
  • Test Scripts – Powershell scripts, Perl, Python
  • Virtualization: Vsphere, Amazon cloud, MS Azure, Hyper V
  • Build – MSBuild, ANT, Maven, Makefiles, UrbanCode Deploy
  • Static Code analysis: Resharper
  • Unit Testing: Nunit, Junit
  • Code coverage: AQTimePro, NCover


Aero Engines

Aero Engines Aero Engines
Aero Engines
Aerospace <br />and Defense

Aerospace <br />and Defense Aerospace <br />and Defense
and Defense

Automotive Automotive

 Hi-Tech  Hi-Tech

Industrial Industrial
Medical Devices

Medical Devices Medical Devices
Medical Devices
Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas Oil and Gas
Oil and Gas

Power Power

Rail Rail

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