As product development lifecycles shrink, it becomes more critical than ever before to get the detail design right.  At QuEST Global we understand that detail engineering is the cornerstone to high quality, cost and time effective manufacturing.  We are also aware of the iterative environment, which we try to overcome by concurrent engineering practices through integrated project teams to accelerate product realization. We provide detail design support for new design as well as support product improvement initiatives. Focus areas of detail engineering are:

  • 3D CAD Modeling
    Our breadth of work spans parametric modeling of components, solid and surface modeling for freeform features using cloud scanned data, Model Based Definition / NX Product and Manufacturing Information.

  • Drafting and Detailing
    Offerings include product definition / manufacturing drawings, general arrangement drawings, electrical schematics, electrical wiring harness, and instrumentation drawings and, piping & tubing routing drawings.

  • Stack-Up Analysis
    Tolerance, Limits and Fit calculations for stack-up analysis.

  • Legacy Data Conversion / Migration
    Our offerings include engineering data migration from one platform to another, digitization of documents, manuals, catalogues, reports, specification sheets, and design data book.

  • Product Configuration Management
    Our services include Product structuring, Change management and Part release.


Aero Engines

Aero Engines Aero Engines
Aero Engines
Aerospace <br />and Defense

Aerospace <br />and Defense Aerospace <br />and Defense
and Defense

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Oil and Gas

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Fail-safe Products

fail-safe products
Massive investments and millions of effort hours come to naught when your product bombs. Beat product failure risks with our…
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