Asset Management focuses on ensuring pre-production material requirements are identified, ordered, and tracked to arrive when and where needed, including • Prototypes • Development hardware • Test hardware • Test equipment and instrumentation • Tooling Pre-production assets are high value items that can have a critical impact on product development cycles. Reducing time to market relies on everything being where it is supposed to be when needed. Whether that means prototype components for design reviews, hardware for physical testing, or rigs and tooling for manufacturing, your management of assets is a critical function. We are responsible for fulfilling requirements, including material planning, ordering and tracking of hardware through delivery. We partner with Procurement to submit requests in ERP tools such as SAP and place orders. Our dedicated teams track orders, act as material expediter/vendor liaison, and ensure timely status communication. We create asset utilization plans based on your current and future needs, and monitor utilization to track performance and generate suggestions for improvement.

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Asset Answers
Test & prototype hardware requirements are in a constant state of flux as designs evolve & during testing. Our Asset…
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