Services for the automotive industry

Several factors are driving change in the global automotive industry. Today, consumers demand innovation in safety, infotainment and comfort features, which requires product development companies to constantly integrate new technologies into their automobiles. In addition, markets are shifting to emerging economies such as Brazil, China and India, which translates into newer requirements in safety, features, price and environment.

Quest offers end-to-end solutions to the challenges faced by the transportation engineering sectors, delivering efficiency, quality, and most importantly, effective compliance to standards.

Services offered

IVI (In vehicle infotainment)

  • Multimodal HMI development
  • Middleware, 2D / 3D graphics
  • Software platforms
  • Testing and test automation
  • GENIVI compliance

Instrument cluster and displays

  • Reconfigurable HMI
  • Cluster application and middleware development
  • Onboard and remote diagnostics
  • Modular and scalable reference platform

Advanced driver assistance systems

  • Algorithm development services for customer R&D labs
  • Integration and testing of ADAS solutions
  • Validation and benchmarking
  • Algorithm porting to embedded platforms
  • Proof of concept development

Vehicle electronics

  • ECU applications
  • Vehicle network protocol stacks
  • Gateway modules – protocol conversion
  • Diagnostics
  • Independent V&V
  • Functional safety compliance (ISO26262)

Dashboard / Centre console

  • Styling
  • Concepts
  • Design
  • Modeling
  • CAE – Durability, NVH, Crash

Exteriors – Doors / flaps

  • Styling
  • Concepts
  • Design
  • Modeling
  • CAE – Durability, NVH, Crash

Interiors and HVAC

  • Styling
  • Concepts
  • Design
  • Modeling
  • CAE – Durability, NVH, Crash
  • CFD

Powertrain, exhaust

  • Design (CAD)
  • Modeling, surfacing and detailing
  • CAD data migration
  • CFD – Thermal, flow, combustion, 1D-3D
  • Engine cooling, lubrication
  • Combustion


  • Styling
  • Concepts
  • Design
  • Modeling
  • CAE – Durability, NVH, crash

Proven track record

Quest’s ability to deliver to product development companies is accentuated by the value it has delivered to transportation engineering, consistently across clients and decades of successful projects. These value milestones include:

  • Helped an automaker make a strong entry into emerging markets by lowering their bill of materials cost
  • Helped an automaker with a materials analysis on the switch from steel to aluminum, in order to meet performance requirements and quickly transition to the next step
  • Helped a railroad major eliminate 60% of design cycle time by automating their wiring design

How Quest Global helps

Our services provide you with the edge through:

  • End-to-end capability: We are a one-stop shop for all product development companies – from concept to prototype and development (hardware, software and systems integration)
  • Deep industry expertise and experience: We design solutions for safety critical systems by utilizing our rich experience, expertise and understanding of automotive standards
  • Dedicated engineering centers of excellence: We forge long and deep partnerships with customers, and ensure an unwavering focus on quality through our centers of excellence
  • Flexibility: We understand that each engagement is unique, thus we offer flexible engagement models with nearshore / local capabilities for better project execution
  • Ability to handle new market requirements: New markets call for new requirements across safety, environmental conditions, supplier ecosystems and features. We offer end-to-end solutions for localization of your products

Quest Global is a pioneer in providing transportation engineering services and solutions, which helps automakers stay ahead of the competition and demonstrate leadership in new markets. We have a dedicated team of experienced automotive engineers and domain specialists, who fully understand the needs of the automotive market. We are the preferential choice for many leading automotive companies seeking a partner with end-to-end capabilities – from electronics, exteriors, interiors, infotainment, and powertrain and chassis. We are also adept at addressing specific market needs with our localization solutions. We adopt a partnership approach for our engagements, providing a high degree of flexibility for our clients.