• Analyze Bird Strike Impact

    avoid cost over-runs

    How often do you have the luxury of time, running expensive lab tests to determine important safety factors? Our modelling and simulation techniques can help you cut down on testing costs and design cycle time.

  • Aircraft Rear Spar Composite

    peerless quality

    Poor and unacceptable product quality damaging your reputation? Our experts and engineers ensure right and timely results.

  • Aluminum Wheel Fracture Simulation

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    Our analysis tools of the trade and validated techniques decrease drag on design and development.

Do your methods and procedures produce inconsistent and underperforming designs? Unnecessary redesigns, longer development time and wasted resources for rework costing you?  Longer product release, critical failures, safety issues making your business suffer and customers unhappy? Extensive engineering analysis can give you the right insights to avoid such issues arising out of poor design.

Our experienced team specializes in comprehensive engineering analysis using a number of techniques ranging from classical methods such as stress justification and strength tests to Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Our Centers of Competence spread across the US, UK and India specialize in high-end aspects of engineering analysis, to ensure proper physics based results are delivered. Our expertise is spread across diverse industry verticals spanning Aerospace and Defense, Transportation, Aero engines, Power Generation, Oil & Gas to mention a few.

Focus areas of engineering analysis are:

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Thermals
  • Classical methods (Stress justification, stiffness checks, strength checks, stability checks, joints & fasteners checks)
  • Performance prediction and analysis

Our engineering analysis capabilities include meshing, analysis and others like developing tools ranging from GUI development and testing, solver development, plug-in developments to legacy code modernization and software in FORTRAN, C++, and VB. We also use classical and develop 1D methods like fluid flow network, heat transfer correlations, stress check and hand calculations in Excel and, MathCAD.

In essence, our engineering analysis experience will ensure your design project is error free, accurate and cost effective by eliminating ineffective and repeated tasks.

  • Offerings include 3D CAD Modelling, Drafting & Detailing, Stack-up Analysis, Piping, Harness (3D Wiring).

  • Offerings include test plan, component validation, certification support, test rig design & development and remote test operations.

Customer Speak

  • We are very pleased with the quality of the FEA analysis conducted by QuEST on our Machine Assembly. It was an excellent experience. The project was handled in a very professional and efficient manner.

Leader Speak

  • Mani Subramanian

    Cycle-time cut down by a factor of six!! How?