• Conjugate 3D CFD Combustor Model

    Right the first time

    No more running back to the drawing board again and again. Partner with us to test your designs and do not propose for design iteration costs in your next budget plan.

  • Unsteady cooled HP Turbine stage analysis

    go virtual

    Reach market faster; evade expenses and extensions; skip prototype building and testing; opt for our simulation and modelling solutions.

  • FSI Analysis of Francis Turbine Stay Vane

    sail through approvals

    Rely on us for certification support. Clear regulatory assessments faster.

Dr T C Ramesh

Product knowledge, process excellence, tools and technology experience, and end application understanding make our engineers authorities in virtualization, analysis and certification support.

  • Demonstrates Independence in Execution- Customer Speak

    QuEST demonstrates independence in execution and is constantly looking for value addition.

Engineering Analysis

Engineering Analysis

Techniques range from classical methods such as stress justification and strength tests to Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

Testing Services

Testing Services

Include design & development of test rigs, model test design, production and prototype testing, certification support, to mention a few.