• Programming with User Defined Functions

    outcome based solutions

    We assure timely delivery of validated NPI technical documentation, CNC/CMM Programs, quality through process and not inspection to reduce non-conformances, cost out and other such outcome based solutions.

  • Mitigate Crisis- Non Conformance reduction

    mitigate crisis

    To you, firefighting is child’s play. Yet, your time is best invested in engineering future readiness. Rely on us for root cause corrections, process rigor & functional efficiencies.

  • Turbine Blade Machining Fixture

    experience efficiency edge

    Equipment snags and produce yield bothering you? Read on to find out how we reduced set up time by three folds, saved 60% cost and eliminated defects completely.

  • Digital manufacturing

    demystify digital manufacturing

    Our decades of experience in product engineering services makes us an ideal partner for embarking on the journey towards digital manufacturing.

Every manufacturer’s success resides in On Time In Full delivery. We understand the number of factors that collude to challenge you on this front such as workforce dynamics, unpredictable demand & peak load issues, design for manufacturing issues on new products and system inefficiencies. We can empathize with the constant firefighting situations you engage in every day on the shop floor. Therefore, we can help you in finding solutions to many of these that impact Quality-Cost-Delivery (QCD).

What’s more, our solutions will ensure associated reaps such as faster and global market reach of your products, better your customer relationships leading to stickiness, new business & timely payments, and drive the belief to practice quality through production and not inspection in real time.

How do we manage to achieve all these?

We are one of the very few engineering service providers that have the proven end-to-end capability of manufacturing engineering, process and tools and offer the obvious advantages of an offshore delivery.

Along with technical solutions, we offer an integrated approach. This gated approach (QGAPi) to manufacturing engineering ensures that design intent is met at the shop floor and warrants On Time In Full delivery.

Our manufacturing engineering solutions span prototype management, product introduction, plant transition, production support and quality, productivity & cost improvements.

Process Planning We create the method of manufacture and manufacturing definitions ensuring optimum match of component design and manufacturing capabilities read more… CAM and CNC Programming: We create, optimize and validate CNC part programs and build CNC machine post processors read more… Shop & Quality Support: Our solutions include Product Verifications and First Article Inspection Report (FAIR) packs, non-conformance management, process capability and gauge R&R studies read more… Inspection Planning: We plan the method of inspection to ensure design intent is met and maintained and integrate these processes into the method of manufacture read more… Fixture Engineering: We design and integrate all tooling into manufacture while meeting all technical and project requirements read more… CMM Programming: We create, optimize and validate CMM part programs across variety of software platforms read more…

Trust us to manage your manufacturing migraines while you make your organization ready for tomorrow.

  • We investigate challenges & provide comprehensive design solutions for your new product development or product improvement needs.

  • We offer flexible, global support to customers to accelerate market and regional product reach with superlative quality and delivery solutions.

Customer Speak

  • I am extremely satisfied with the technical competence of the offshore team delivering CNC Programs. Continue keeping focus on the productivity and quality of programs

  • An excellent piece of work which has allowed us to standardize the way in which we approach and carry out inspection across rotatives and also globally. QuEST’s contribution to the development of the standard CMM program was paramount to the development of the best practice programming guide.

  • CMM programming work was requested at a very short notice and the responsiveness from QuEST was excellent. We pass on our gratitude.

Leader Speak

  • Vijay Anand

    We help you meet design intent in a cost effective way.