• Energy Management System Sustenance

    sustain sturdiness

    With the release of new technologies and platform versions, the products you launch today become dinosaurs in a few years and less functional. Learn how we help to maintain the market leadership for you.

  • Advanced Cash Safe

    harvest happiness

    Modernize your legacy systems; Cloud enable your equipment; reduce maintenance costs and efforts; bring back that broad smile to your customers and live a stress free life. Know how we can help.

As and when the technology gets upgraded, the products launched in the market need a major overhaul that consumes resources and increases costs. Today most of the product development companies find it hard to reduce production and maintenance costs that will help them meet the bottom line target. At QuEST we understand your needs and help you constantly upgrade and modernize legacy systems with minimal efforts, better time to market and improved product quality. And thereby maintain your competitive edge in the market.

Over the past two decades, we have been providing Value Engineering services for a clientele across diverse industry domains including medical devices, transportation, industrial and hi-tech. Our engineers work hand-in-hand with you to arrive at best solutions that help you to sustain your product portfolio and market share. Our dedicated team of technical staff, domain experts, testers, test automation specialists and quality assurance consultants take up the product support activities to free your key resources from the mundane activities, enabling them to concentrate on high value strategic activities.

Why choose QuEST Global for Value Engineering Services?

  • Proven process for Value Engineering and a dedicated Center of Excellence 
  • Engineers with excellent debugging and problem solving skills
  • Domain expertise spanning industries such as power, automotive, aerospace, industrial and hi-tech, medical devices, and oil & gas 
  • Improved response time
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Cost reduction

With our proven methodologies and practices, at QuEST Global, we help you focus on continuous process improvements that reduce costs and increase value of the products you introduce into the market. In order to improve value, quality and reduce cost & efforts entrust us with your value engineering needs.

  • Our post release support services ensure that the software applications are frequently upgraded every time a new technology is released.

  • We help migrate software applications from old to new platforms, enabling you to take advantage of new technologies.

Leader Speak

  • Shaji N M

    At QuEST Global, we provide Value Engineering and Product Sustenance services for different products  and equipment in Power, Medical, Oil & Gas and Transportation industries, enabling you to extend the life of your products and maintain market leadership.