• Application Development Kit

    ensure extensibility

    Testing for web? Yes. Testing for desktop? Yes. Testing for mobile? Yes. Testing for cloud? Yes. Learn how we ensure your software applications don’t go haywire.

  • Modularized Test Scripts

    embrace change

    Use of modularized test scripts helps you easily maintain software applications that evolve at a faster pace and save on cost. Learn how we can help.

  • A New Generation Software Test Automation Framework

    assure quality

    Testing on multiple platforms and configurations consumes time, resources and costs. See how our testing framework can help you assure quality.

A powerful and robust test automation solution enables organizations to automate framework development, avoid project delays, enhance test coverage and improve product quality.

The test automation services we offer help organizations with significant cost savings and productivity gains. We follow a test automation process that adheres to scripting standards and embraces industry best practices to ensure test effectiveness.  Our approach has helped our customers to cut short test execution time by over 60% incurring around 30% savings in total development cost, when compared to manual testing.

Our test automation tools and frameworks are particularly well suited for software intensive products with millions of lines of source code. Our teams have proven expertise in automating applications using various test automation tools like IBM Rational Robot, IBM Rational Functional Tester, Selenium, Test Automation Framework and WatiN.

The domain specific testing labs help us cater to the needs of different verticals with specialized hardware, tools and platforms. We have helped our customers to crunch software development lifecycle by increasing the degree of automation, simulate scenarios than usually possible and increase the overall quality of the products. Get in to a conversation with us and we will share with you what we can achieve together.

  • Our software sustenance services can help lessen the maintenance costs and reduce response time to fix issues.

  • Core competencies include in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Technologies, Unix/Linux/Cross Platforms, Java Technologies and Web Technologies.

Leader Speak

  • Pradeep PP

    Using state-of-the-art tools and in-house solution accelerator frameworks we deliver test automation solutions that can lower costs and schedule overruns associated with testing.