• Design and Development of Control Software & GUI

    nimble development

    Our control & simulation capability together with Hardware In Loop Simulation solutions helps to fine tune the product control algorithm in real time during development.

  • Mood Light Scenario Creation and Management

    dwindling delays

    We deploy software models to provide a look & feel experience of the system behavior. This helps to verify algorithm behavior on target platforms thereby reducing rework & delivering on time.

We have helped our customers simulate use case scenarios in a plant operation or conditions encountered while their large equipment are in the field needing a complex control architecture involving multiple control loop interactions. Through this approach our customers have benefitted from not having the need to:

  • Test all algorithms on a prototype or on a real equipment for lack of proximity or availability
  • Excessively rework the design

Other benefits our customers have enjoyed by leveraging our simulation capability include training all stakeholders on a new and emerging product platform or application, faster development of efficient and safe products, and use during Model Based Development to realize faster turn-around-time, reduced redraft of design, target independent, to mention a few.

Our simulation methods cover Model In Loop (MIL) and Software In Loop (SIL) & Hardware In Loop techniques.

We use simulation tools such as MATLAB/Simulink, LabVIEW.

  • Our capabilities include and are not limited to intelligent systems development, power electronics, microprocessor and FPGA based high speed board design with low power for surveillance applications, security systems, instrument cluster full design and high speed board design (more than 1GHz) for transportation applications.

Leader Speak

  • Trivikram Rajesh

    Our simulation capability span across aerospace and transportation domains. The diverse range of systems we have worked on include next generation aircraft cabin lighting systems, cabin management system, electrical systems, ventilation systems, and fuel systems. We have done similar work in other domains.