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    By providing end-to-end services in real-time embedded software, firmware design & development, we help you launch applications and products that function ceaselessly. Here’s how we can help.

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    People love to use products that are of high quality and perform better. At QuEST, we help you develop products that can win you more users. Learn how.

Be it a safety critical application, a complex system design or remote surgical equipment, we see embedded electronics that keep these devices ceaselessly functional. Our complete turnkey development services in embedded software help you quickly develop applications, middleware, Board Support Package (BSP) and device drivers for the custom hardware devices.

With our strong embedded software design expertise amassed over the past two decades, our services span various domains including aerospace, railways, automotive, networking, mobile & wireless devices and multimedia platforms. The hands-on experience of our engineers in common embedded platforms including x86, PPC, and ARM, as well as operating systems and RTOS such as LINUX, Windows, iTRON, VxWorks, etc., enables us to handle the entire software development cycle. Our embedded software experience spans chipsets from TI, Microchip, Freescale, Renesas, Atmel, to mention a few.  Embedded software developed by us comply with stringent safety critical standards such as RTCA-DO-178B/C, CENELEC, ASpice, etc., ensuring the product doesn’t go haywire when launched in the market.

What’s more, our associations with leading Tier1 organizations to develop cost  optimized quality solutions for the expanding value segment enable us to deliver quality and premium and value adding products to our customers. Trust us with your embedded software development needs and rest assured that you launch quality products in the market on time.

  • We provide end to end services in electronic board level design and development with proven capability in analog, digital and mixed signal design, schematics capture, high speed board design, Digital Signal Processing and Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA).

  • Our proven testing methodologies, dedicated test labs and test automation tools augment your testing processes and environment to address stringent testing requirements and achieve optimum results.

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    Our hands on work with various embedded platforms and operating systems helps us to bring in consistent experience across the entire product portfolio, which in turn enables our customers to deliver world class products in the market.