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    Our design solutions, like us, hold out in harsh environments. Our high temperature board design capability enables us to design boards that can withstand temperatures up to 185°C.

  • Embedded hardware-Enduring


    Our high speed and reliable hardware design capability help you to develop products faster and can easily boost the performance of your complex applications requiring adherence to stringent safety standards.

We provide end to end services in electronic board level design and development with proven capability in analog, digital and mixed signal designs. Services range right from concept block diagram through circuit design with targeted BOM cost leading to high speed board design. Our hardware team is well versed with high speed micro controller design, latest Digital Signal Processing (DSPs) and Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs). Further our rich experience in power electronics has resulted in power supply design and development for safety critical applications. Our hardware designs meet the stringent requirements of RTCA-DO-254 and RTCA-DO-160G standards.

Service areas: Circuit Design, Schematic entry; component selection; BOM optimization; PCB Design; Gerber and BoM release for fabrication and assembly; test code development, board bring-up, and Design Verification Tests(DVT), Functional Verification Tests (FVT).

Our expertise includes microprocessor & FPGA based designs; high-speed PCB designs involving Delay & Impedance Matching; multi-layer PCB Design (16+ Layers) and Design using BGAs – fine pitch of less than 0.65 mm; boards with high component density, multiple BGAs; designs with high end FPGAs & Processors  (for example, Virtex 6 FPGA – 1156 Ball, iMX516, iMX6Q,OMAP 3530, TI DaVinci TMS320DM6446, RX63T, etc,.)

We work on a range of tools such as Cadence, Mentor Graphics, Altium Designer 10.

We provide end to end services in FPGA design and verification with proven capability in Very High Speed Data Acquisition Systems, Video Processing Systems, Medical Diagnostics, and Re-engineering of legacy systems. The range of services include Design, Device Selection, RTL/Testbench Coding, Static Timing Analysis and Verification. The team is also well-versed in the optimized implementation of high performance DSP algorithms in FPGA, especially for image and video processing.

Our niche offerings include:

  • RTL Design:We serve customers from conceptualization to implementation, manage obsolescence in re-engineering projects, and support ASIC to FPGA migration
  • FPGA Prototyping: We provide FPGA prototyping solutions for both ASIC validation and proof-of-concept needs



The team is experienced in Verilog, VHDL & System Verilog languages. The team is also equipped with and trained in EDA tools from Cadence, Mentor Graphics and major FPGA vendors like Xilinx. Our expertise covers other FPGA vendors such as Altera, Lattice & Actel (Microsemi) and also includes latest FPGAs such as Zynq 7000 and 7-series Xilinx FPGAs.

Our FPGA solutions fulfil the high-performance requirements of embedded products that need specialized hardware. Real-time performance and high-bandwidth requirements beyond the realm of advanced microcontrollers can be achieved using parallel and flexible hardware in FPGAs.

Our expertise in SoC (System-on-chip) FPGAs provides single-chip solutions to customers in place of bulky boards. The SoCs from Xilinx and Altera integrate an ARM-based hard processor system consisting of a dual-core ARM® processor, peripherals, and memory controllers with the FPGA fabric using a high-bandwidth interface.

Embedded Hardware - Capability and Competency Areas
  • Our hands-on expertise includes multiple chipsets from various semiconductor manufacturers, experience in various OS solutions like Linux, Windows embedded and RTOS such as QNX, RT-Linux, Vx-Works and ITRON.The fact that we are conversant with various industry standards, and our layered architecture & agile approach to product development make us one of the most preferred partners.

  • Our 7-point framework and the unique QuEST Cost Engineering Process (QCEP) work to reduce the cost of product development while improving their value.

Leader Speak

  • Siju Krishnan

    Our teams can design high speed, enduring embedded hardware solutions keeping in mind some of your most mission critical applications– where compromising on safety and reliability is not really an option.