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    Engineering Digital Transformation

    Adopting advanced technologies that enable smart manufacturing can solve challenges faced by organizations in their digital transformation journey. Partner with us and ensure seamless digital transformation.

  • Digital manufacturing information management system

    transform manufacturing

    Ensure successful implementation of digital manufacturing solutions by partnering with a strategic partner. Learn more

  • Self-learning and interactive systems

    emulate experience

    Rapid digitalization and advanced analytics are driving changes in the automotive industry. Tech-savvy millennials; anytime, anywhere connectivity; provision for in-vehicle Wi-Fi; and demand for entertainment on the move

  • Digital Health-Evolving Industry

    transforming healthcare

    Digital and other emerging technologies are disrupting medical devices industry. How can we analyze this impact and take the way forward?

  • Asset performance management over IoT platform

    assure performance

    How can organizations benefit from developing a monitoring and diagnostic system over an IoT platform? Learn more.

QuEST Digital Portfolio

Internet of Things (IoT) is the foundation of the information society. It has made possible direct integration of the physical world and the digital world,  enabling companies to monitor and improve processes. The Internet has now expanded to industries such as aerospace, power, oil & gas, medical devices and transportation. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), as it is termed, unlocks the true potential of connected things by taking this concept well beyond monitoring processes. Augmented with sensors and actuators, IIOT collects data, responds to events and improves operations in real-time resulting in greater efficiency, accuracy and economic benefit. Most of this data was available earlier, but the advent of technologies like big data, analytics, scalable cloud solutions has enabled integration of this large amount of data in a meaningful way.

Currently a number of IIoT platforms are emerging which can ingest this data (both real time and historical) and build asset models that can analyze it. At QuEST, we are equipped with skills in the latest technologies across multiple platforms. Being a diversified engineering services solutions partner, our ability to cross-leverage industry best practices and our strong ecosystem build, enables our customers in their digital transformation journey –  from where they are – across product, plant and operations.


Realizing the value of IIoT across verticals

QuEST helps customers across verticals in realizing the value of IoT. Every industry has its own imperatives and every customer is unique in their journey towards digitization; hence the methodology and approach towards digital transformation, varies. At QuEST we have deep expertise across diversified verticals, that enables our customers, relative to their digital journey, to commence their transformation from where they are – across products, plants and operations. We also have essential building blocks to help with ease and speed of transformation of an organization from a conventional set up to a digital set-up.


Cutting-edge IoT Solutions that cuts across layers leveraging ecosystem players

QuEST’s defined digital building blocks helps customers to realize the value of IoT.With the deep consultative expertise, it is easy for QuEST to enable our customers to implement these four essential building blocks to accelerate their journey towards digital transformation. Strengthening a faster go-to-market for digitization are the partnerships we have with leading technology companies.


  • We offer automation, customization and optimization of processes across the product lifecycle.

  • Adopting advanced technologies which enable smart manufacturing can solve above challenges and as your partner in your digital transformation journey.

Leader Speak

  • Lawton Green QuEST Global

    With our Digital transformation solutions, we can add value to our customers by addressing their specific needs. Watch and explore how QuEST Global can become a trusted partner for customers in aerospace industry.

  • Tarun Kant QuEST Global

    IIoT is more than smarter cars or homes and lifestyle enactments.  The IIoT effect on the global economy is significant. It connects machines, data, and people to deliver real-time insights for better business outcomes. This paper explains how the predictability offered by IIoT can be utilized in a variety of ways for the better business outcomes.

In The News

  • QuEST Global joins hands with Siemens to offer Digital Manufacturing Solutions

    QuEST to strengthen digital solutions with the establishment of two Digital Factory Innovation Labs – in Bengaluru and Belgaum


  • If you are a technology startup looking for strategic new alliances, then partner with us and leverage our global expertise and at the same time gain global exposure. Mail us at :- marketing@quest-global.com