Running on Chips — Our Future Will Be Built on Semiconductors

by Sudipto Das – AVP Engineering, Quest Global

Vehicle Engineering Solutions

Why is Distributed Power Rolling Stock the Future of Railways?

by Balakrishna G and Rakesh Devulapalli



Design Engineer


“Maligre’s Kiran wants to be an Engineer” Lokmat, 2004

For all those who don’t know, Maligre is a remote small village in Maharashtra, India. But for me, it was my entire universe when I was growing up. Because the village is mostly made up of farmers, the career options for young people like me were limited, and becoming an engineer was almost unheard of.

It is always the smallest things that spark our inspiration – Ömer SAFAK

I’ve always been told that I was an extremely curious child and would disassemble whatever toy or furniture I could get my hands on. Fortunately, my parents never said NO and allowed me to “take things apart.” If there was something inside, I had to see it! There was something different about this humble, mechanical world



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Artificial Intelligence