• Evaluation of Technology
  • High level specification & Architecture definition
  • Implementation & Verification


  • Followed a widgetized approach and implemented the multi layered framework
  • Modified the database schema to support new architecture
  • Developed a powerful display framework with high flexibility and seamless operational efficiency
  • Java script was used extensively to achieve the intended flexibility at client level
  • Developed 2D and 3D visualization client framework with zero foot print utilizing the WADO and various REST services
  • Integrated with third party engines for features like clinical decision support and speech recognition


  • Eliminated the need for Application installation
  • Complete code is based on pure JavaScript thus eliminating any third-party framework
  • Feature rich platform with excellent performance regained end user confidence and created excellent sales pipeline


  • Delivered 200 slice CT images in 2 seconds


  • Microsoft Visual Studio (2015)
  • HTML5, Javascript, CSS, Ajax. Kendo UI, Google Closure
  • Jquery, Jquery UI, SignalR, JSON, Python, Oracle
  • REST services, ASP.Net MVC, Selenium, Karma, Mocha, Chai