• Algorithm Study
  • Software design and architecture
  • Software Development
  • Testing


  • Create an  application  for the parametric image construction of DSA multi-frame images by using TimetoPeak,
  • AreaUndercurve, Peakheight algorithm
  • Algorithms in MATLAB were provided as input
  • Analyzed MATLAB algorithms and implemented in C++, OpenMP and CUDA
  • Performed optimization using GPU expertise and improved the performance
  • Improved algorithms both in functionality and performance level
  • Implemented ColorCodedCirculation and Perfusion algorithm.


  • Created application in quick time
  • Improved performance as follows:
  • The processing time reduced from 23 seconds to 3 seconds for 1024x1024x100 frames data in CUDA


  • Achieved performance improvement  target

Technology Stack

  • C++
  • OpenMP
  • CUDA
  • Windows, SVN, VSS, Rational Rose, Xmind,  Astah