• Needed Vision Analytics Platform that can be enabled for multiple use cases
  • Complements and boosts existing CCTV and / or IP Camera infrastructure
  • AI powered solution on Edge device to automate security and surveillance for building and parking premise without investing on extra hardware


  • Redesigned existing blue-print solution using Edge and Cloud architecture
  • Integrated CPU-based Edge device based on Intel architecture
  • Deep Learning models for person detection and face detection runs on the Edge device to perform Edge analytics. Can be extended with face recognition, product monitoring
  • Developed mobile & web app for reporting to relevant stakeholders



  • Cam-Sense Box: On-Premise device installation running Artificial Intelligence software for processing feeds from cameras
  • Mobile App: App for the security in-charge teams to monitor alerts, analytics from mobile – anywhere, anytime
  • Web App: Dashboard for command and control centers to view real-time feed along with alerts, identification and statistics

Benefits The solution developed is suitable for a wide range of industries:

  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Real Estate
  • Transportation
  • Smart City
  • Law Enforcement
  • Education
  • Banking


  • Eliminates the need for a powerful GPU in the edge device
  • Accuracy and performance similar to GPUs achieved