Customer Challenge

We needed to validate the strength of a UAT ceiling using simulation and analysis to ensure it has the correct design to integrate safely with the rest of the vehicle.


  • To carry out a sophisticated software-driven FEA to check the design.
  • To perform FEA for proof loads, service loads and bolt calculations. Evaluate the results and preparation of reports


  • Input study of ceilings
  • Preparation of FE model for the design using Hypermesh preprocessing software
  • Check the modal analysis, our model being that the first frequency had to measure greater than 20 Hz
  • Run the analysis for the identified combination of load cases, then evaluate the results for stresses and displacements
  • Perform the bolt calculations and carry out the preparation of analysis and calculation reports


  • The result of the analysis was the first frequency was above 20Hz
  • The stresses were within the allowable limit for parent, weld and bolted regions


  • Assurance – no changes in the design as the first frequency in modal analysis and the stresses are within the allowable limit for parent, weld and bolted regions.